With American Summers you are free to book your flights with whoever you wish. This will allow you to get the best price and flexibility for your adventure.

Remember you get up to 30 days to travel the USA before camp starts and 30 days after camp has ended. This is for travel anywhere within the USA. 

  • Why not hit all the tourist spots like NY, Hollywood, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Miami for example.
  • Go visit your new American Friends back at their home town or colleges.
  • Travel with all your new international friends and continue to make memories that will last your lifetime!
  • Start planning now, but as all our past participants say – be flexible as you just don’t know who you will meet, where you will want to go and with whom from camp.

IDEAS for AFTER my 30 days in the USA?

Well, that is up to you. Past participants have travelled to the UK, Europe, Sth America, Mexico, Sth Africa. It is really up to you and your funds. Don’t forget Australian and New Zealand passport holders are also eligible for a UK and Canadian visa so explore those options as well.