Insurance in the USA

American Summers’ Commitment

All American Summers’ participants are provided with full medical insurance via the visa sponsor, IENA. IENA’s Insurance Policy is underwritten by eSecutive. The Policy Number is LF005493.

Some pre-existing medical conditions will require participants to obtain their own medical insurance.  If you have indicated the existence of a pre-existing condition, IENA staff will reach out to you to advise you of the next steps.

Before You Leave

Before an applicant travels to the US, it is important to understand that healthcare in the US will most likely differ from your home country. While many countries have public healthcare programs, medical costs in America can quickly reach astronomical proportions, along the lines of the price of a four-bedroom home.  Don’t worry, because medical insurance (up to 120 days) is included with your American Summers application! Make sure you activate your insurance by carefully following the instructions above and read all information or it could impact your experience in a negative way. For example, in the USA, you do not use an emergency room unless your illness or injury is serious or life-threatening. If you do so, you could be charged up to $350.

You are covered for up to $500,000 in medical care. If you feel you need more coverage, you are welcome to purchase additional coverage independently.

All details on your insurance policy can also be found through your eSecutive account

Please read the medical insurance policy we provide and consult with your parents.  If you feel this coverage is not sufficient for you, it it your responsibility to purchase additional or replacement coverage.  You are responsible for any medical bills arising from illness or injury.

Please note, the insurance provided via your American Summers program does not cover pre-existing conditions or applicants aged 65 or older. If you think these parameters may affect your eligibility for insurance coverage, please contact American Summers as soon as possible.