Application Process

Step 1

Complete Your Application

Complete our online application form. The application form is completely free to complete. Our biggest piece of advice is to really think about the content of your application; we’re looking for you to impress us! Tell us about your hobbies, skills and your experience with kids. We’ll work with you through the program and help you with the application at every stage.

Step 2

Your Interview

Once your application has been submitted, you’ll be contacted by American Summers for an interview. We like to have a few conversations with you (over the phone/Skype) so that we get to know you better! During this interview, we will discuss your skills, experience, required documents, and give you some tips and advice on your application and the interview process. We’ll also simulate an interview with a camp director so you know what to expect later on in the process. Please note, the £50 proof of intent is due prior to your interview.

Step 3

Acceptance onto the Program

Now that your interviewer has written up your responses, you will receive word back about your acceptance onto the program. Upon acceptance you will be supplied with our guidelines to let you know what is required for your next steps. Items will include getting the proper documentation together, and completing your profile so that your application is top notch.

Step 4

Start Chatting with Our Directors

Once American Summers has received all of your payments, documents, and your application has been thoroughly reviewed, your application will be made visible to camp directors. We will match you with a camp, and you’ll speak with the camp director (normally over Skype) for an interview. There is no rule on how long it might take to be hired. For some applicants it may take weeks to secure a placement, while others may wait months and have multiple interviews with different camps. As long as you stay in communication with American Summers and respond to any emails from camp directors, you will be sorted. During your interview with a camp director you should be yourself and make sure you are not in an area with any distractions. Should both parties be happy with the interview, you will be offered a contract!

Step 5

You’re Hired!

Once placed at camp we will send you an invoice with the remaining program balance of £200. You will then put the finishing touches on your application by submitting your required paperwork so we can issue you the DS2019 form. With your DS2019, you will receive instructions to obtain your visa from the US Embassy. We must stress that we will guide you through every step of this process and are here for support and questions.

Step 6

Visa Time!

Now that you know you have been accepted to camp, you must apply for your J-1 visa with the US Government for permission to work in the US. You must attend an interview at the US Embassy in your home country before your visa is granted. You will be required to bring the necessary paperwork to this interview, which will be provided by your visa sponsor, IENA. American Summers will provide you with step-by-step guidelines and a checklist of what you need to do in order to make your time at the US Embassy as effective as possible.

Step 7

Preparing for Camp

After your visa is approved by the US Embassy, you are just about ready to go! All that’s left now is to get excited, pack up your bags and get on that plane to America! Once you have received your visa back from the US Embassy you are all set and ready to purchase your flights out to your camp. If you need help in finding which flight would be best for you, let us know! We have been in your shoes before and know that it can be nerve racking buying your flight out to America. But once you’ve got your tickets, you can dust off those suitcases in the attic and get your packing on.

Step 8

The Summer of a Lifetime

You nailed the interview with your camp director, received your visa from by the US Embassy, and have now touched down on American soil. You’ve arrived at camp – get ready for the summer of a lifetime! Make sure you pay attention during staff training and provide the campers with their best summer yet. But before you get carried away with all of the summer fun, make sure you give your parents a jingle upon arrival. We worry too, so we wouldn’t mind an email or carrier pigeon message to let us know you have arrived safely!

Step 9

Come Back Next Summer!

You now have friends that span the globe, memories that will stay with you forever, pictures of that time when you ate 15 chicken burgers, and your tan lines from the summer. Although you are back home lying in your bed, which feels odd as you grew to love your squeaky bunk bed, don’t get upset. You will only need to store your suitcase for a short time before you’re dusting it off again next year. So don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. We are here and waiting to help you out on your next summer adventure!

I’ve helped changed the lives of children in the best possible way.Summer Camp Participant

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