Working at a summer camp can be a great experience for the right person. Previous participants have been students, those qualified or experienced in their specialist areas, professional coaches, teachers, or people simply looking for a new and unique summer experience. Although a placement or position at camp cannot be guaranteed, if accepted onto the program we will work hard to match your skills, experience, background, and preferences to a suitable camp vacancy.

Is Camp Right for You?

Working at camp can sometimes be a challenging, but incredibly rewarding experience. Before signing up for the camp program, make sure you are comfortable with and prepared for the following conditions at camp: isolated camps where your social life may be limited on evenings off, rules and regulations including curfew and restrictions on alcohol consumption and mobile phone/internet usage, difficult children, bugs, mosquitoes, and possibly rustic conditions. There will be times you are doing a job other than the one you were assigned to or being asked to assist in another area. Camp is very much an “all hands on deck!” environment, where all staff help out when needed.

Working at camp is a tough job, but for the right person with an open mind and a willingness to work hard, it could be one of the most challenging, skill-enhancing, fun, and incredibly rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

We encourage you to apply if you:

  • Like children and have experience with them (see below), ideally in a leadership role, e.g., teacher, youth leader, through team sports, scouts or guides, or play schemes.
  • Are 18 years old by June 1st.
  • Are available for at least eight to ten weeks starting in May to mid-June through August. Most camp contracts start before June 21st, with many camps starting staff training before June 1st. It is important you are aware of your commitments or school schedules before applying.
  • Are cheerful, energetic, friendly, hard-working, tolerant, flexible, conscientious, caring, reasonably gregarious, uncomplaining and able to adapt to camp life including the long hours, rules, and curfews.
  • Know of no reason why you cannot provide a guarantor or would not be granted a visa by the US Embassy. You should speak to American Summers before applying if you have ever been arrested or ever received a criminal caution or conviction, as this could have implications for your US visa application.
  • Can speak English fluently

To work as support staff, you must be a full time student studying in a degree program in a University or College on your summer break.

Experience with Children

It is important that you have some previous experience working or interacting with children, other than your own family experience to be considered as a camp counselor. Depending on the individual needs of the camp, the level of experience needed varies and could be anything from babysitting, peer support, helping out at a club to teaching activities. You may be able to gain more experience, and thereby improve your chances of placement, simply by asking in your local community at schools and weekend clubs if they need any help. Local organizations are often very happy for volunteers to get involved and be a part of their team. You can also improve your chances of placement by working to get a qualification in any of the camp activities.

If you are unsure of whether your skills or experience meet the requirements for the program, please call your local American Summers office or email campteam@iena.org for further information or clarification.

This has been the best thing I’ve ever doneSummer Camp Participant

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