SEVIS Validation

The US Government has installed a system to help monitor and track cultural exchange visitors who are participating in its J-1 visa program. This system is called SEVIS. It is required that all J-1 visa exchange visitors have their SEVIS activated upon their arrival to camp.

Activating your SEVIS will notify the US Government that you have successfully arrived at your place of employment and have begun your cultural exchange experience. We call this ‘validating your arrival”.

In order to validate your arrival with SEVIS on the J-1 Camp Counselor program, your Camp Director must notify IENA that you have arrived. They can do this by logging into their account and indicating online, or by calling or emailing our office directly.


The following SEVIS Validation Information is for Exchange Visitors who are sponsored by IENA ONLY and participating in our Summer Work and Travel Program, including Summer Camp Support Staff.

If the Sponsor listed on your DS-2019 is not IENA, please STOP and contact your sponsor.