Words that mean something else in the USA

August 23, 2015

Although Americans and the British both speak the English language, apparently the Americans wanted to change up some of the meanings of words. So here is a list of some words that mean or are called something completely different in the USA. There are more, but you’ll get the hang of it when your American friends are looking at you as if you have 3 heads.


Jumper or Sweater
Trainers or Sneakers
Pants or Underwear
Bird or Woman
Rubber or Bandaid
Braces or Suspenders
Trolley or Shopping cart
Chips or Fries
Coach or Bus
Biscuit or Chocolate cookie
Lift or Elevator
Flannel or Towel
Football or Soccer
Aubergine or Eggplant
Bangers & Mash or Sausage and mash potatoes
Loo or Bathroom
Bin or Trash
Courgette or Zucchini
Trousers or Pants
Queue or Line
Pavement or Sidewalk
Mobile or Cellphone
Crisps or Potato Chips