What Is The Blob?

November 1, 2015

Most summer camps have a special activity or part of an activity that is high up on the campers lists of must dos before mom and dad pick me up. For some camps it’s the high ropes course, the rope swing, laser tag, magic tricks, or the blob. Now if you are unsure of what a blob is and your camp has it, you are in for a real treat.

Have you ever watched Wipeout or Nitro Circus? If not, they are hilarious shows and each of them have shown people on the blob on an episode. Now although you won’t be going to the extent of what the people on these shows do, it is a great opportunity to get out in the water and experience some excitement. The blob is a water based activity where at least two people participate in the fun, the flyer and the jumper. The flyer sits on the end of the blob which is facing the water, once the camper is in the correct sitting position, it’s the jumpers turn. The jumper will be situated on a platform that is higher than the blob. When the flyer is ready to be blobbed, the jumper will jump down from the platform onto the opposite side of blob. When the jumper lands onto the blob the flyer is bounced into the air and back down into the water. Sounds fun? Yes it does.

If you have a pro blobber in your mists, you can also try to do some fun competitions, such as the biggest splash, more air, and maybe even a flip or swan dive. But there will be precautions made for the campers safety, by no means takes away from the fun that is to be had. Most camps will require people to wear lifejackets and helmets for those who get a lot of air. If your camp has a fun activity area it is a must do for not only your campers but for you to get in at least once before the summer ends.