Things Only Camp Staff Will Get

November 1, 2015

It might be the middle of December and the warmth of summer camp is a memory that you try to grab onto for dear life. So with snow on it’s way we thought it would be nice to remind you of only things that camp counselors will truly understand to brighten your day.

  1. The friendship bracelets you were given during the summer are still on your wrist, even though they are faded and frayed.
  2. Even though you unpacked, you keep on finding more tie-dye t-shirts, and will wear them with pride to family functions.
  3. Swimming in the pools has nothing on your camp lake anymore. You are officially a lake snob, and you’re okay with it.
  4. You miss the happiness and joy you got when your name was called for mail time, bills and junk mail with your name doesn’t have the same feeling.
  5. Card games with your bunk was an event that people came wide and far from other bunks to witness the skill and expertise that your cabin had.
  6. The bug bite you got at the beginning of camp is still itchy.
  7. Your bed at home just doesn’t feel right, maybe you can get your mattress shipped over from camp.
  8. Sometimes you need to stop and think about what your address is, but if someone asked you the address of your camp you could recite it in a heartbeat. 04274 for LIFE!
  9. You tell people that you not only passed the swim test, but were at the top level, The Sharks! You my friend, are going places!
  10. In the distance you can still hear the wake up bell to get you up in the mornings.