The Little Things

November 1, 2015

There is no more revelry to wake me up, no more bells to tell me when an activity period is over, no more friends at the flagpole for evening assembly, and no more uniforms to wear, which mean I actually have to think about what to put on! How do I survive now camp is over? I’ve just spent the most memorable summer at a camp for boys and girls for the past 3 months in upstate New York as a general staff member.

I had no idea what a general staff member was going to actually be before getting to my camp in June. Sure the camp director told me some of my responsibilities, but I was so shocked to speak to an actual camp director I didn’t take in everything he said. But turns out being a general staff member is a sweet gig! During the day I got to help out at any activity area that needed another helping hand. I’m lucky my parents signed me up for a bunch sports when I was younger (shout out to you mum and dad!) as my hockey skills helped with what the Americans call field hockey (why change the name of a sport?) my football, or soccer skills came in handy some days, and baseball was just not on my list of things I’m capable of, but I did hit the ball with the bat sometimes!

When activity periods weren’t happening I had a bunk of boy campers that I took care of along with my other cabin counselors. In the cabin we played loads of card games, so I highly recommend brushing up on your poker face! Those boys took my entire stash of candy one night. We also told scary stories around the campfire and got to go on hikes with our bunk as well. It was a very cool experience and I’m sad that it is now ended, as that means university begins once again. So as I’m sitting at home, watching my “countdown to summer” tick down on my computer, I couldn’t be more ready for round number 2 in New York.