Staying Healthy at Camp

August 23, 2015


Summer camp is known for a lot of things; friendship, laughter, tan lines, water balloon fights, and deciding if it’s worth getting up for a run or gaining an extra hour of sleep. Normally the extra hour of sleep wins, but if you want to continue with the crossfit routine that you proudly snapchat to your friends while they are eating a bowl of chips to themselves then follow these simple rules:

Drink Agua!

Just as your health teachers told you, our bodies are made up of 60% of water, and you must replenish it! With the hot sun beating down on you on the pitch or lake, you must make sure that your trusty water bottle is full and by your side.

Catching up on your Zzzz’s

Your parents do not know how your sleeping habits have altered so much since going away to uni, but going to bed at 3am at camp will not fly. Although one of the most difficult things to make sure you do, as who wouldn’t want to watch the 2nd showing of Beetlejuice in the staff lounge. But deep down you know you feel better when you at least have a couple of hours of snooze time under your belt.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (sometimes dessert)

Getting your 3 square meals a day is something that you do not want to miss. Being so active and having children hanging off your limbs 24/7 you must make sure you have enough energy to continue to be the Incredible Hulk (Without the anger problem). Try not to have your only breakfast item be from your PG tips stash. Go on and have that piece of streaky bacon covered in maple syrup that your turned your nose up towards when you first saw everyone devouring them. We know you secretly love it as well, you will soon burn those calories off.

Stay Active

Although you are constantly on the move and doing things at camp, it is easy to become complacent and find the shortcuts through camp. So make sure that once in awhile you do get up early and go for that morning jog instead of heading to the donut shop. Or during one of the evening programs volunteer as tribute to help set up or take down the event.

Camp Nurse/Doctor

It might be difficult to find time to head to the camp’s nurse or doctor, but if you have a funny rash or a pain in your stomach, DO NOT ignore it. You cannot take care of the campers unless you take care of yourself! Even superheros have their days where they need taking care of.


If there is one thing about camp that is an absolute constant, is that things will forever be changing at camp. So trying your best to create a healthy and sustainable routine is the best thing you can do. Do not make promises to yourself that you know you will not be able to keep, running at 6am every morning will just not happen. Decide on 3, and then make sure that you are keeping active during the day.


It’s a lot easier getting up in the morning to go for that jog when you have one of your friends shaking you awake since you’ve “accidentally” snoozed your alarm. At camp there are so many people in whispering distance that you will absolutely be able to find that running buddy who hates waking up early just as much as you. But once you get two get going, you’ll be in a better mood that you’re not alone.