My East Coast Exploration

November 1, 2015

After camp ended I didn’t need to go straight back to university so I took advantage of what America had to offer. A couple of counselors and I decided to take a road trip down the east coast! There were so many great parts of the trip from the food we ate, people we reconnected with, to things we saw, it was epic. Our trip started from our camp in Vermont and we ventured down to Boston, over to New York City, around to Philadelphia and then ending in Washington D.C.

What I completely forgot about traveling is how expensive it can be! Just getting off of a summer with food and accommodation provided for, I took me a moment to realize that I had a pretty sweet set up at camp. With traveling the distance that we did, we spent a good amount of money on things, some we needed and some not. But come on, who can pass up on a foam finger from a Red Sox baseball game! So as a word of advice if one of your counselors from the summer offers you a couch to crash on during your travels, take it! Free accommodation is priceless! You will also be able to get a guided tour of wherever your buddy lives, so you’ll hit where the locals go and maybe get a free meal or two if your friend still lives with their parents!

My favorite place we went to was Washington D.C. with all of its history it is a must on your places to visit. A lot of touristy places I found on my travels cost at least $20 to go somewhat close to the monument, building, item, area, etc. But in Washington, most of the museums, monuments, and buildings are free to go into. So if you want to watch your spending habits, then Washington D.C. has it all plus the big honcho himself, President Obama! While in Washington D.C. make sure you wear trainers you can walk a good distance in, as there is much to see and it’s a good walk around to hit everything.

Make sure you do a little research on what are the must-see’s of your trip, as much as it is an adventure to go blindly into the American wilderness, not all right turns are created equal. You may not want to spend that day at the Jersey Shore, some crazy people there. Also, if you are anywhere near Ben’s Chilli Bowl in Washington D.C, go! Don’t second guess yourself or me, just go and thank me later.