Marshmallow roasting, the next olympic sport

November 1, 2015

At my camp we had “cabin night” once a week. During these “cabin nights” the counselors were in charge of coming up with a fun filled activity for the entire cabin to take part in. I wanted to take this time to share my words of wisdom to you, so if you are in this position of wanting to create the best campfire. It was a great experience to have with my campers and everyone had a blast. So here are my tid bits for a night to remember:

  1. Before the campers get down there, get a pile of DRY wood ready for your fire building festivities.
  2. Make sure you know how to build a fire, if you don’t, no worries, just grab another counselor who does and watch what they do for next time!
  3. If you’ve promised marshmallows to your cabin, DO NOT FORGET THE MARSHMALLOWS! Campers go nuts for marshmallows, do come prepared.
  4. Make sure your campers have collected a strong marshmallow burning sticks that is longer than their arm.
  5. Show them proper extinguishing of a fire ball marshmallow (blow on it, DO NOT wave it around like a wizard).
  6. Make a competition for the perfect roasted marshmallow (rotation is key).
  7. Have a semi-scary story prepared for when the fire is dying down, it’s perfect to listen to a story on a warm marshmallow filled belly.
  8. Before you put out the fire, get everyone in a huddle and sing a song or your camp chant to wind down the perfect evening.
  9. Make sure you put out the fire! Water, water, and more water! No embers should be showing and once the hissing has gone you’re good to head back to your cabin.
  10. Do a buddy check to make sure your campers are all accounted for before heading up to your cozy beds.

What campfire and camp is all about, is rolling with the punches. If you forget the two main ingredients of a campfire, no worries! Take that moment and turn it into a shoot star competition or who can sing the camp song the loudest, as long as the campers are having fun you’re doing a good job!