Classic Camp

November 1, 2015

Everyday at camp is full of surprises be it, shaving foam fights, random dance competitions, who can do the best runway walk, to so much much more. But normally a typical summer camp day will go something like this:

7:30am – Wake up to a song that you won’t be able to get out of your head for the rest of the day. While that’s going on, get the campers up and out of bed and ready for the day ahead.

8:15am – Breakfast time, there is nothing like chow down on cereal, pancakes, maple syrup, and an apple to get your day going.

9:30am – Morning activities start! It could be soccer, canoeing, baseball, or wilderness training, make sure your campers check their schedule to see what they have today!


2:30pm – Afternoon Activities get going! Make sure that your campers have on their bathing suits as this afternoon they have tubing.

5:30pm – The camp gathers to reflect on the day, share accomplishments, and go over any announcements that need to be made.

6:00pm – Dinner! Taco Tuesday is my favorite meal!

7:30pm – Tonight’s activity for my cabin is capture the flag! We grab our long socks, paint our faces with each others handprints to show that we will be victorious!

8:45pm – The campers are back in the bunk washing up and getting ready for bed. Lights off is at 9:30, but they get 15 minutes of flashlight time before it’s time for them to close their eyes.

10:00pm – I’m exhausted, I can hear the soft snoring coming from my co-counselor and campers, so I head over to the staff lounge to grab a wee chin wag with my fellow counselors who are still awake.

It’s a full day at camp and some days can seem longer than others, but when the day is done, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.