5 Traits of a Great Camp Counselor!

February 27, 2017

group of friends having fun at the beach

Becoming a camp counselor will be one of the toughest jobs you will ever love! As a camp counselor every day you will be presented with new challenger, experiences, and lifelong memories.

Below are just some of the handy traits you will improve upon while being at camp.


No two people are exactly the same. Which is one of the best parts of summer camp since not everyone’s priorities are exactly the same. Each and every camper is unique and must be taken into account for when caring for him or her. You might have a camper who wants to play tetherball every minute of the day and another camper in your cabin who just wants to read. Being able to meet both of their needs and provide them with a fun environment is just one of the things you’ll learn to deal with at camp. With this in mind, it can sometimes take a little patience to get your cabin organized and ready for the next for the day.

Flexible and Easygoing

Campers are the priority at summer camp, this means that your routine needs to a back seat at times. Every day has its own tasks, events, and challenges. Being able to roll with the punches is a crucial part of summer camp, remember we are all here for the kids. This may mean that even though some of the staff are going for ice cream after lights out, you may have to put a rain check on it as you have a camper who is feeling a bit homesick. So you want to be in the cabin in case your camper wakes up and is looking for you.


Whether you are dealing with staff or campers, to be a great camp counselor people need to know you are friendly and approachable. So don’t stay in that corner letting people come to you, go to others and make a connection! Make sure you have your happy, smiley and friendly face on at all times.

On your toes

Kids will be kids! One moment their minds are completely occupied on one task, then next they are looking for something else to do. If you aren’t on top of them they could be causing a little mischief in no time!


It is predicted that over 11 million people are involved in summer camp each year and you will be a part of that great figure. Who knows who the people you work with will become, so be inspiring as you are working with the future. It could be because of your motivation that one of your campers become the next greatest scientists, athlete, actor, or politician. Remember, you are caring for parents most prized possession, so be ready for everything!