25 Thoughts Every Counselor Has On Arrival Day

November 1, 2015

Arrival day can be stressful time for almost everyone on site, from the parents leaving their children, campers leaving their parents, directors making sure everything is going smoothly, and of course the staff who are now responsible for campers. Although it can be tense at camp on day one, you are not alone in some of the thoughts you might be thinking:

  1. “I just spilt coffee on my shirt, do I have time to go back to my bunk and change? Do I even have a clean camp shirt?”
  2. “I’ve just seen a load of cars pull in, holy crap is that a bus as well?”
  3. “Why is my voice so high pitched when I say hello to parents? I need to tone it down.”
  4. “You’ve just told me your name and already I’ve forgotten.”
  5. “Of course I’d love to help your son carry his suitcase across the entire camp while you carry his towels.”
  6. “Were there bricks on the packing list this summer? This suitcase is way to heavy for me.”
  7. “Maybe I should go running with those early morning staff before the campers wake up to be more active.”
  8. “I will never be able to move again and I will not wake up for morning runs.”
  9. “My face hurts from smiling.”
  10. “I have no idea what you just asked me, I hope smiling and nodding was the right answer.”
  11. “Is that me who smells or the camper?”
  12. “5 more steps, 5 more steps.”
  13. “I made it! Act cool, act cool, stop breathing so hard.”
  14. “It’s only 10am?! I’m starving”
  15. “Ohh gosh the camper is crying, what do I do, what do I do?”
  16. “I’m so glad my co-counselor is here.”
  17. “Why did that dad have to shake my hand so hard? You win, I can barely move it now.”
  18. “We have all of our campers already, okay I’ll take them outside to play.”
  19. “These campers are hilarious.”
  20. “Lunch time already?”
  21. “How are all of them going to shower before bedtime?”
  22. “Sam seems to be a bit sad, I need to keep an eye on that.”
  23. “How do these kids have so much energy?”
  24. “Parker just told me that I’m a cool counselor. Winning.”
  25. “I can do this.”