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American Summers


There are so many different types of summer camps that span across the United States and run for a varying length of time. There are day camps, religious based camps, special needs camps, sports camps, and many more. Children get the opportunity to spend their summer holiday exploring a different part of the country, making new friends, and gaining new life skills. While they get to explore all of these new adventures they are supervised by counselors and directors who share the passion of creating a fun, safe, and memorable environment for the child.

American Summers


Camp is a great time in a child’s life to look up and away from the video and computer screens in order to see what the world has to offer them. They lose the school time pressure of backpacks, cliques, homework assignments and getting picked for teams. At camp children get to work on building up their confidence by positive reinforcement from their cabin mates and counselors. It is a time for them to also try new things, meet new people, and gain independence that will help them in the future. Becoming a camp counselor is a role that you shouldn’t take lightly, helping shape the future is a big responsibility. 

American Summers


No matter how many times you try to explain the summer camp experience to your friends and family back home, they won’t really get it unless they’ve been to camp themselves. Dressing up in tie-dye, eating your body weight in hotdogs, singing ‘Call Me Maybe’ 1,254 times a day, going into the lake means you’re good shower wise, or a typical day means singing so loud that you lose your voice. But if your friends and family members haven’t experienced camp then they will look at you in some disbelief and maybe a hint of disgust. But that doesn’t matter, because when you were at camp surrounded by people from all over the world, you’ve never felt so at home. 

American Summers


Your day starts out with eating french toast covered in maple syrup while your camper regales you in her dream last night, where she was flying around camp with superman. When she has finished she looks up at you expectantly. Reassurance that her dreams are normal and acceptance is just a small part of the job. When you wake up in the mornings you put on your own superhero cape and get ready to battle homesickness, leap over small water inflatables in a single bound, and be available to every camper young and old.

American Summers


Being a camp counselor is a dream come true for many people. Who wouldn’t want  the opportunity to spend a summer in the sun, outdoors, and hanging out with kids? As a camp counselor the days are long, the breaks are few and far between. But when your desk has transformed into a diving board where you teach campers how to perfect their dive, there is no other feeling in the world. So although wakeup might be early and you don’t go to bed until midnight since your campers were telling scary stories. But where else would you be able to live the life as a mentor, brother/sister, parent, friend, role model, superhero, and the best story teller all wrapped in one?

American Summers


There are many great things about being a camp counselor, but every rose does have its thorns. Being a camp counselor will mean you will be waking up early, dealing with people you might not get along with, working with campers who don’t listen to you, sleeping on bunk beds, leaving behind the ability to surf the web whenever, getting little to no privacy, and coping with kids even when you aren’t feeling well. Now that might sound like the worst possible situation to ever willingly put yourself in, but at least you have the proper expectations. Remember not to obsess on these issues too much, for the pros FAR outweigh the cons.