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This One Time At Camp

Summer camp time is full of stories and memories that you will spout out to anyone who is interested in listening, even those who aren’t you will tell. We have taken 5 of our best ‘this one time at camp’ stories to share with you…

This one time at camp I won best tan lines. I had the best farmer’s tan, shorts tan, watch tan, sunglasses tan, and flip flop tan. I was given sunscreen as my trophy, I still have it.

This one time at camp my cabin and I stayed up until 2am to teepee one of the boys cabins. Once we were all outside of their cabin we realized that no one had brought toilet paper, so we just knocked on their cabin door and ran back to our beds.

This one time at camp I dressed up in dungaroos, a huge wig, and put sunglasses on. When I walked to our all camp assembly everyone kept on introducing themselves to me and asking what I taught at camp. Camp had been going on for the past 4 weeks and I was the head boys counselor.

This one time at camp I came back to my bunk for a quick power nap as I had the period off and needed to recharge. After my nap I went back to the waterfront to teach windsurfing, but everyone was pointing at me. Apparently during my slumber I had grown a marker mustache chin hair, and a unibrow. Luckily my campers drew on me in permanent marker, so I had to spend some time looking fabulous. I was more careful about taking a naps in the future.

This one time at camp we were told not to bring food into our cabins as the animals might smell it and come searching for scraps. I had an uncontrollable need for donuts and on my day off I bought a bag of powdered donuts, but I wasn’t able to finish them so I brought them back to my bunk and hid them under my bed. I woke up early in the morning to shower before the wakeup bell went off and saw white tracks in my cabin leading coming out from under my bed. I looked under my bed and the donuts were no longer there and the bag was ripped to shreds. Lesson learned.


AUTHOR: Rachael Ross

Rachael has been involved in the summer camp world for years. She has grown up at camp and has been through almost all of the jobs that is offered. Rachael loves sharing her knowledge and stories about camp with others and hearing about other people's experiences..

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