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How to Tie-Dye like a Champ

At summer camp there are so many great things happening all at once during the day that when you get a moment with your cabin that isn’t structured you might be a bit lost of what you should do. So if you ever find yourself in the moment with a bunk of campers looking at you expectantly of the next fun thing, look no further than tie-dying. Tie-dying is a fun low key activity that your campers can do rain or shine. All you need is to have your campers get a an item of clothing (preferably a t-shirt, but socks work too) that is the color white for best results.

While everyone is looking for a item it’s gives you time to get the tie-dying materials:

  • Rubber Bands, grab 2 or 3 handfuls of these as the campers will fling them to the black hole in your cabin never to be found again, or they will break a few.
  • Tie-dyeing dye, normally 5 bottle of colors should do the trick

There are many different types of tie-dying that you can do, be it a spiral, stripes, bullseye, sun spots, and so much more. But if you aren’t artistic like me, then the spiral is a great one to do which will wow the campers.

How to make a spiral tie-dye shirt:

  1. Lay out your t-shirt on the floor or table
  2. Pinch the middle of the t-shirt where the spiral will start and twist until all of the t-shirt is in a spiral shape.
  3. Take 3-4 rubber bands and overlap them around the t-shirt to hold the circular shape together. With the rubber bands in place the circle should have 6-8 slices.
  4. Use a color for each slice, you’ll want to put a good amount of color on each slice.
  5. Flip your t-shirt over and repeat on the backside.
  6. Once you are done put your tie-dye in a plastic bag to let the dye set for a day.
  7. After your tie-dye has set rinse it under running water until there is no dye coming off in the water.
  8. Wash your tie-dye items separately then your regular clothes for the first couple of washes.
  9. Wear and be prepared to get compliments left and right.

Remember while you are tie-dying with your campers you are in a spot that will be able to take some dye. Maybe your crafts building would be the best place or outdoors. Supervise your campers before making your own t-shirt, as they will need help and it reduces the chances of a tie-dye fight.

AUTHOR: Rachael Ross

Rachael has been involved in the summer camp world for years. She has grown up at camp and has been through almost all of the jobs that is offered. Rachael loves sharing her knowledge and stories about camp with others and hearing about other people's experiences..

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