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A camper


I am who I am, because of camp

— A camper

You will find out at camp that there are people who were born to run around playing capture the flag, tie-dye, singing at the top of their lungs, and still have boundless amounts of energy at ten o’clock at night. If you are or become one of those people while at camp, I salute you. Being a camp counselor is an adventure that most people have during their 20’s where they will build on their leadership skills, independence, selflessness, and experience with children. While working at a summer camp you are going to come across a child or hundred, and because of that, one of your main responsibilities is to help the campers grow. I don’t mean grow a inch or two in height, I mean help them grow as an individual, be it learning how to swim, finding out new interests, skills that they never knew they had, and becoming more aware of what type of person the camp is. As a camp counselor you are given parents most prized possession to look after, it’s not a responsibility that should be taken lightly, but one that you can have a great time with.  

Being a camp counselor you are given the flexibility to run your cabin, if you want to have pirate night where each bunk bed is a ship before bedtime, then raise the sail! Although the job does come with a lot of responsibility you are there to make sure that the campers have fun, which means you get to have fun! Your days might be spent down at the waterfront teaching children the proper paddling techniques for a canoe. No one is stressing about what’s happening tomorrow, what they are wearing, or what is happening in the next activity. Everyone is living in the moment, which is a rare to find nowadays. So even if coming into the summer with 9 weeks ahead of you might seem daunting, most summers will fly by in a blink, and you will be wishing that you were back on that lake in that moment.

AUTHOR: Rachael Ross

Rachael has been involved in the summer camp world for years. She has grown up at camp and has been through almost all of the jobs that is offered. Rachael loves sharing her knowledge and stories about camp with others and hearing about other people's experiences..

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