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A camp counselor


I could build the fire before the campers get here, or just have the campers find the sticks for me.

— A camp counselor

I wanted to air out some of the top “bad” parts about being a counselor to make sure that you understand the downs as much as the ups, of being a staff member. I don’t want anyone to obsess about these things that I’m about to tell you, as camp is an amazing experience for everyone young and old. But being prepared and having the correct expectations about your next job is something that holds a lot of value.

Just like at home, what is put on the table in front of you is what you are expected to eat. Yes of course, there will be a vegetarian option, salad bar, and maybe even a sandwich bar. But the days of cooking what you want to eat are on pause for a moment.

As a camp counselor you will also learn to live with little to no privacy. Since you will be living and responsible for a bunk full of children, there is no way to shut yourself in your room while you listen to music. You will be expected to be there for the children 24/7. Of course you will have days off and breaks during the day, but finding quiet place alone can be hard to find on camp.

Many camp directors will say, being a camp counselor is the hardest job you will ever love. Working as a counselor is difficult, you are not working a 9am-5pm shift where you get to go to the movies after work. You will be awake at 7am and going until the soft sounds of snoring fill your bunk in the evening time. You will get tired, you will get cranky, and you will most likely get aggravated at the little things. So if you get the chance to go bed when the campers do, you should cherished the extra shut eye.

As I said in the beginning, this isn’t anything that should be picked at with a fine tooth comb, but you need to make sure that you are aware of the realities of camp. The campers are everywhere, so enjoying being in children’s company is a must, as is having patience. If you do that, and go into camp with a open mind you will do great things!

AUTHOR: Rachael Ross

Rachael has been involved in the summer camp world for years. She has grown up at camp and has been through almost all of the jobs that is offered. Rachael loves sharing her knowledge and stories about camp with others and hearing about other people's experiences..

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